The Reinvention of Forms

Fragmenting bodies, architecture and nature, Bjerre-Poulsen reinvents the forms around him as luminous images, creating intimate and enigmatic juxtapositions that invite the viewer to look again and imagine what lies beyond the frame. A trained architect, Bjerre-Poulsen brings to life his understanding of tactility, minimalism and detail by anchoring his still life series around a recurring motif of spherical shapes and through rendering each image in exquisite black and white tonalities.

Alongside the mesmerizing aesthetics of the photographic work, The Reinvention of Forms also includes interpretations of Bjerre-Poulsen’s practice from his close friends and collaborators, including an introduction by the seminal Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa and a short fictional story by prize-winning Danish author Thomas Rydahl.

2020  | Published by Étui Editions


Print Production

A look behind the scenes of the production The Reinvention of Forms.

Working on titles that all have their own set of design parameters, and production values often require an equally unique production process tailored to the specific concept, images, and artist. With such extraordinary printing demands, we worked with a series of specialists whose savoir-faire and artisanship ensured consistent and high quality in papers, printing, and bookbinding when producing The Reinvention of Forms.

For the production, we settled on Danish printer Narayana Press who is known to deliver some of the highest quality in art and photography book printing in Europe. Offset printed in exquisite tritone black and white tonalities on a natural and beautifully uncoated paper; each step of the printing process was overseen alongside Narayana's professional craftsmen. Their long and in-depth expertise ensured the best printing results without compromising the original vision for the book.

2020  | Printed by Narayana Press


Alium Gallery

A look inside the new exhibition marking the launch of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen's first monograph, The Reinvention of Forms, at the ALIUM art gallery in Copenhagen.

To mark the launch of The Reinvention of Forms, a series of limited edition artworks by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen will be on display alongside the new book at the ALIUM art gallery in Copenhagen. The exhibition features a carefully selected array of photographs from the book, sold exclusively through ALIUM. The exhibition will be on display until December 22nd, 2020 and is open Monday – Friday from 9.00 – 16.30 at Frederiksberg Bredegade 1, 2000 Denmark.

2020  | Exhibition at Alium Gallery


Close Contact

The sphere has been a source of fascination for ages. Think of the iris of our eyes and the perfect pearl. Or symbolic spheres, like our circle of friends. Even the womb, where we first experienced a close sense of contact. It’s this intimate connection that’s captured in Close Contact a sculptural series of limited edition photographs by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen juxtaposing spheres crafted with our leather versus the human form. The photos were featured at the Kinfolk Gallery in a multi-sensory exhibition we co-created with Sørensen Leather and Nathan Williams, co-founder of Kinfolk Magazine. 

2018  | Exhibition at Kinfolk Gallery

Represented by Kahmann Gallery & Alium Gallery

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