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A look inside the new exhibition marking the launch of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen's first monograph, The Reinvention of Forms, at the ALIUM art gallery in Copenhagen.

To mark the launch of The Reinvention of Forms, a series of limited edition artworks by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen will be on display alongside the new book at the ALIUM art gallery in Copenhagen. The exhibition features a carefully selected array of photographs from the book, sold exclusively through ALIUM. The exhibition will be on display until December 22nd, 2020 and is open Monday – Friday from 9.00 – 16.30 at Frederiksberg Bredegade 1, 2000 Denmark.

2020  | Exhibition at Alium Gallery

Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-15
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-09
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-10
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-08
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-19
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-2560 × 1707px-22
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-01
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-16
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-20
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-04
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-1159 × 1500px-07
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Alium-Exhibition-Web-2560 × 1707px-21

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