Close Contact

The sphere has been a source of fascination for ages. Think of the iris of our eyes and the perfect pearl. Or symbolic spheres, like our circle of friends. Even the womb, where we first experienced a close sense of contact. It’s this intimate connection that’s captured in Close Contact a sculptural series of limited edition photographs by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen juxtaposing spheres crafted with our leather versus the human form. The photos were featured at the Kinfolk Gallery in a multi-sensory exhibition we co-created with Sørensen Leather and Nathan Williams, co-founder of Kinfolk Magazine. 

2018  | Exhibition at Kinfolk Gallery

Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-791 × 1024px-Web-8
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-791 × 1024px-Web-9
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-791 × 1024px-Web-1
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-791 × 1024px-Web-6
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-791 × 1024px-Web-2
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-1600 × 1067px-Web-3
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-791 × 1024px-Web-5
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-791 × 1024px-Web-4
Jonas-Bjerre-Poulsen-Close-Contact-Exhibition-1600 × 1067px-Web-7

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